We have signature programs that make a direct impact in the community.

By bridging the gap between our impact goals and the current state of the community, we can allocate our full efforts to the areas that need us the most.

Day of Caring

Day of Caring is Routt County United Way’s signature volunteer opportunity.

Day of Caring is a half-day event that connects volunteers with projects for nonprofits, government, and low-income individuals in the community, hosted by Routt County United Way since 1998. Every spring, over 200 individual and corporate volunteers join forces to share their time and talents on projects at nonprofits across Routt County. Volunteers who participate in Day of Caring gain first-hand experience in how giving back to their community through work that saves over $20,000 in labor costs and allows nonprofits to invest their efforts where they make the greatest impact Routt County.

Volunteering is essential to keeping our community connected and supporting local causes. You can change a life with your time and talent when you volunteer with Routt County United Way. Stay tuned for the 24th annual Day of Caring in 2022!

Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Routt County United Way hosts an annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

While 2020 left us adjusting to serve our community on the go, our partnership with Snow Bowl and sponsors Mountain Valley Bank allowed us to distribute more than 500 to-go meals on Thanksgiving Day.

We are hopeful to return to our traditional Thanksgiving dinner plans hosted at the Community Center moving forward. Over the years, our dinner has fed 500-900 Routt County individuals and families in a community setting, with food made and served by over 300 volunteers.

Gift Card Food Drive

In 2020, Routt County United Way transitioned from hosting the Holiday Exchange Market.

Our nonprofit community has grown and matured since the beginning of the program to form a network of organizations and resources to help anyone in need year-round. Instead, we focus on financial stability as it relates to food expenses by subsidizing over $16,000 of food cost over the holiday months.

In 2020, we subsidized $16,250 in food by distributing $25 grocery store gift cards to our local agencies, who allocated them to 650 clients in need.

“The Food Card program put on by Routt County United Way this holiday season was not only an incredible success from the position of a provisioning organization, but all feedback received from our recipients pointed towards the same general conclusion. The simplicity and effectiveness of the program in terms of necessary client information to register on our end and the gratitude on theirs respectively made the program well worthwhile.

“The ability to reach out to and collect information from our client base with minimal effort allowed us to cover so many of our community members- a huge perk given the dramatic increase in needs this year with the pandemic. In that same vein, the minimal contact required kept everyone at a safe distance at all times allowed us to distribute within the comfortability level of everyone; our team and clients alike.”

-Reid Petersen, Integrated Community

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is an early literacy program introduced to Routt County by Routt County United Way’s leadership giving group, Women United.

All children in Routt County from birth to age five can sign up to receive a free age-appropriate book each month mailed directly to their home. Children that live outside of Routt County are eligible for this program through the Book Gift Program. Gift the love of reading and help develop language and comprehension with the Imagination Library.