2024 Cherry Fundraiser

We Know many of you have been anxiously awaiting news of this year’s sweet cherry sale. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not smiling upon the cherry orchards of the Flathead Valley this year. Over the winter, prolonged sub-zero weather killed the fruit—so, no cherries this year. Our thoughts are with all the orchard owners and workers involved in the cherry industry, as they navigate this setback. Fortunately, the trees remain healthy, so we hope to see those delicious cherries again next year!

This year our fundraising goal was to raise $6,000 to support high quality educational programming and prevention services for youth in Routt County. Since we have no cherries to sell, we decided to create this simple email fundraiser to help us reach that goal. We appreciate your past support and hope you will help us again this year.

Click on the button below to make your tax-deductible “purchase” (donation):

·        A donation of $75 (equivalent to 1 box of cherries) will provide one week of Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp for a local youth.

·        A donation of $150 (equivalent to 2 boxes of cherries) will provide one month of after-school care for a Routt County youth.

·        A donation of $300 (equivalent to 4 boxes of cherries) will provide a month of one-to-one mentoring for a vulnerable youth.

·        A donation of $375 (equivalent to 5 boxes of cherries) will provide one week of preschool for a low-income child.

BONUS: As a special incentive for your participation, for every $75 (“1 box of cherries”) you donate, we will put your name into a drawing for one of three free cherry boxes next year. We are sending positive vibes that Mother Nature will cooperate!

Please make your “purchase” by June 30, 2024.

Thank you for supporting our Routt County Youth!

If you have questions, please contact:

Pam Ruehle
Women United Fundraising Chair

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